Benefits of Dedupe Software

Whenever you add more records into your databases or lists, you risk adding duplicates. That’s why you need reliable dedupe software to weed them out and ensure you end up with a no duplications

It will be a rare occurrence if someone lets you know you’ve sent them several copies of the same mailing. Duplicates in your mailings certainly don’t do your brand reputation any good and are far less likely to do their job and bring you more business.

But what if records are inconsistent or a word here and there has been incorrectly spelt? That’s when your dedupe software needs the fuzzy matching capability that allows it still to recognise a possible duplicate. How likely is there to be a Tim Smyth and Tim Smythe living at the same address? Or a Betty Jones living in both 10 Red Lion Road and 10 Reed Lion Road in the same town?

Before the days of dedupe software, checking for errors or erroneous information required, for the most part, human intervention to spot check entries to confirm that information was entered in the correct format, and that it aligned perfectly with the parameters required for a particular set of values. If these checks were not made and the errors were not corrected, a list could become corrupted in a very short period of time, making any effort to save it a useless waste of time, and an unnecessary expense.

With the advent of dedupe software, the chore of manually deduplicating a list is no longer a necessity. The software will check for duplicates by using an algorithm that looks for duplicate entries, erroneous entries, and even false entries. Dedupe software has many advantages in that it will save countless hours of manual labor and virtually eliminate this high labor cost and human error as a result.

There should be really no excuse for any business or smart entrepreneur not using good dedupe software tool because not only are they much more affordable but also fairly easy to use.

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