Best Dedupe Software : Clean & Match $499

Best Dedupe Software : Clean & Match

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Clean and Match by WinPure™ is rated the best dedupe software tool to remove duplicate records from marketing lists and databases. Clean & Match will quickly remove duplications you never thought existed (names, addresses, emails, etc) using either the basic matching option or the more advanced fuzzy matching options.  The fuzzy matching option allows you to select a threshold between 1-100 in order to find the mdesignedost accurate duplications in your list. Powerful delete and merge/purge options are also available to help save valuable time in removing duplicate records that would normally take many hours to complete.  Duplicates can be exported to a number of different file formats including Excel, Access and SQL.

There are two viewing screen available for managing the duplicates, as shown below.

best dedupe software

Clean and Match has been specially designed to help businesses save time and money, and WinPure’s award-winning Clean & Match software is now sold in over 42 countries and is being used by organizations of all sizes, including government agencies, hospitals and schools.

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