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DataQualityTools is a collection of dedupe tools to help businesses improve the data quality of their databases by data cleansing. The central components involve a series of functions which help to find duplicats (deduplication software / dedupe software) and, above all, a function for error-tolerant deduplication (fuzzy matching) based on the postal address (possible data sources: ACCESS, EXCEL, OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc, MS SQL-Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, ORACLE, dBase, VistaDB, CSV files and text files).

dedupe tools

In the case of direct marketing, this helps you to avoid double solicitations and the redundant maintenance of customer addresses and other records. Of course, this leads to significantly savings in your expenses. But it also improves the outward image of your company. And through the consideration of opt-out lists / Robinson lists / MPS lists, you can also avoid trouble with people who do not wish to receive marketing mailings. Click here to find our more informaton on DataQualityTools dedupe software.