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LinkageWiz is Dedupe Software that makes it easy to link client records that exist in separate files or databases. It can also be used to identify duplicate records within client databases and mailing lists. Probabilistic linkage techniques are used to join the records, utilising common identifiers such as name, date of birth, sex, Social Security Card Number, Medicare number and others. Why use a Record Linkage Program? In the ideal world client information would also be entered in a accurately and consistently, making the linkage of client information a relatively accurate and easy process. In theory records could be joined using exact matches on key fields such as name and date of birth. Unfortunately in the real world inconsistent data entry standards and other data entry errors means that record linkage is at best an imperfect science. Names are frequently misspelt, nick names or aliases are used and dates of birth are often estimated. Poor quality data and inadequate search practices often result in large client databases that contain duplicate records for the same client, often with only minor spelling differences between the different records

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