What is Dedupe Software?

Dedupe (deduplication) is the process of removing duplicate items from databases and lists. Data deduplication dedupe software can clean mailing lists, databases, excel spreadsheets and more, sometimes applying advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to help match and deduplicate the data.

Data deduplication software finds duplicates in almost any list or across multiple databases and cleans the data, thereby saving time and accuracy of customer data. Dedupe software helps to avoid the waste of multiple mailings, saving time and money without re-work, re-exporting and re-importing data.

de-dupe – The act of de-duping; To remove duplicate entries from a list or databases
to de-dupe (third-person singular simple present de-dupes, present participle de-duping, simple past and past participle de-duped)

1. (computing) To remove duplicate entries from a list or database.

When I de-duped my B2B Business database, it shrank by more than half!

An example of duplications within a list can be seen below: